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The brand new part of Spiros-Soula complex opens in summer 2022 and invites you to experience an unforgettable stay in authentic Cretan spirit and at the highest comfort. The stylish, earthy-toned SS Thematic Suites are skillfully immersed in the surrounded nature and stay in complete harmony with local architecture.

The resort hosts ten comfortable, tastefully designed and decorated suites that meet the expectations of all visitors looking for a unique holiday or remote working spot. Breathtaking, panoramic view to Agia Pelagia bay is featured by the common area of swimming pool equipped with hydromassage, offered for the exclusive use of SS Thematic Suites’ guests.

Each suite has access to a spacious balcony or terrace overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Sea of Crete, swimming pools and untouched local flora. All suites offer the most up-to-date amenities and facilities that increase visitors’ satisfaction with the stay to the highest level.

Every suite, however, is distinguished not only by Cretan-themed name but also by carefully selected decorations and colors related to it. This is the secret of SS Thematic Suites being one of the must-visit accommodations for visitors over 14 years old.


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The themes of each suite presented below are intentionally defined by widely understood
Cretan culture which can be experienced at Spiros-Soula complex at every turn.


 (gr. ελιά-> eng. olive tree)

Thematic Sea View Double Suite
on the second floor

This sacred tree of goddess Athena, has been growing in Crete since ancient times. The monumental olive tree at Vouves (Chania prefecture) is considered to be the oldest tree in the world with estimated age between 3000 and 5000 years. It still remains alive, fructifying until today. The olive oil is the biggest secret of Cretan diet and longevity. At our restaurant you can taste the traditional dishes based on olive oil of our production which you can buy as well at our mini-market. Wood and green accents used at Elia Suite immediately evoke associations with its thematic name.


(gr. Κνωσός)

Thematic Sea View Double / Twin Suite
on the first floor

The city of Knossos used to be the center of Minoan civilization. It was ruled by the famous king Minos, who had Daedalus construct over there a labyrinth to retain his son, the Minotaur. The palatial center of Knossos (together with other 4 Cretan palatial centers) is part of the tentative list of Greece in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List. This popular sightseeing attraction is located only within 20min drive from Spiros-Soula complex. Tailor-made architectural design and the collection of archeological artifacts highline the Minoan character of Knossos Suite.


(gr. Μίνωας)

Thematic Sea View Double or Twin Suite
on the first floor

Minos, the first king of Crete, high priest and legislator, was born as the son of Zeus and Europa. As the ruler of one of the most powerful nations of the ancient world, he was greatly feared and respected by all the neighbouring kingdoms. Every 9 years, in the cave of Ideon Andron (gr. ΙδαίοΆντροo; on the mount Ida, in the massif of Psiloritis) he was being advised regarding legislacy by his father himself. Minos was well-known for his wisdom and because of this after his death he became a judge of the dead in the underworld. Minos Suite reflects its archeological theme in individually selected ornaments and skillfully used colors.


(gr. Κρήτη-> eng. Crete)

Thematic Sea View Double Suite with Extra Bed
on the second floor

Crete is the biggest island of Greece and the 5th largest in the Mediterranean Sea. The region of Crete is devided in 4 prefectures concentrated among 4 biggest cities of the island: Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion and Agios Nikolaos. According to mythology, Zeus, the father of gods and people, was born on Crete. Two caves, located high in the Cretan mountains, contest the honour of being known as the birthplace of this greatest god of ancient Greece. Kriti Suite is easily recognizable by numerous Cretan accents applied both in its living room and bedroom.


(gr. Έρως)

Sea View Double Suite with Private Jacuzzi and Extra Bed
on the first floor

Eros was the beautiful, winged son of goddess Aphrodite, usually represented crowned with flowers, especially roses. He is known as the god of love, or more precisely, passionate and physical desire and because of this associated widely with sexual life. Without warning he selected his targets, both mortals and immortals, and forcefully struck his arrows at their hearts, bringing confusion and irrepressible feelings. The guests of Eros Suite (consisting of living room and bedroom) can enjoy their private moments in the sea view jacuzzi on the balcony and upon requests they can be accompanied by wine, champagne, flowers or any other wish.


(gr. οίνος-> eng. wine)

Sea View Double Suite with Fully Equipped Kitchen
on the ground floor

The word oinos comes from the name of king Oeneus (gr. Οινέας) who lent his wife to god Dionysus after realizing that he fell in love with her. Grateful for this gesture Dionysus gave to Oeneus the vine as a gift and show him how to plant it. Crete has a long history of wine production, more than 60 wineries, including several world-class producers and a number of distinctive local grape varieties. It is the second-largest wine-producing region in Greece. The guests of Oinos Suite have the unique opportunity to taste the selected high-rated Cretan appellations, e.g. Peza, Arhanes, Dafnes etc, stored in suite’s private refrigerated wine cabinet.


(gr. πέλαγος-> eng. [open] sea)

Private Pool Double Suite with Sea View
on the ground floor

The Greek language features 2 words which are both translated in English as sea. One of them is thalassa (gr. θάλασσα) and the other is pelagos which in oceanography defines reservoir with coastline and area smaller than the one of thalassa of which pelagos is part, e.g. Mediterranean Sea (gr. ΜεσόγειοςΘάλασσα) – the Sea of Crete (gr. ΚρητικόΠέλαγος). It is the stunning view of the Sea of Crete itself that can be admired from Pelagos Suite. The area of this sea stretches from Crete to Kythera, Antikythera, Cyclades, Rhodes, Karpathos and Kassos. Just off the coastline of Northeastern Crete it reaches the maximum depth of almost 3,300 m.


(gr. αίθριων-> eng. atrium /courtyard)

Private Pool Double Suite with Sea View
on the ground floor

The concept of atrium was not only widely used in the ancient architecture but also nowadays it is an indispensable element of modern buildings of public use, e.g. hotels, theaters, shopping centers etc. The large open-air space around the pool refers to this courtyard style and is the crucial asset of Ethrion Suite. This patio, equipped with private pool and hydromassage, guarantees peaceful and relaxing e.g. sun bathing, yoga or aqua gym session. Afterwards, being lulled by the sound of the sea and pleasantly cooled by the breeze, a deserved regenerating nap can be taken on one of the comfy sun loungers.


(gr. Αιγαίον-> eng. Aegean [Sea])

Private Pool Two Bedroom Suite with Sea View, Fully Equipped Kitchen and Extra Bed on the ground floor

The name Aegeon origins from the mythological king of Athens, Aegeus (gr. Αιγέας). He committed suicide by jumping off the cliffs into the sea when he presumed his son Theseus was dead after trying to slay the Minotaur in the Labyrinth of Knossos. Since then this sea is called Aegean Sea and Crete itself functions as one of the Aegean islands, marking the sea’s boundary on the south. Water and its blue color are dominating in the interior of Aegean Suite. It’s layout with 2 separate bedrooms and living room concentrated around the pool make every guests fully delight the view and facilities of this room type.


(gr. Εστία-> eng. Hestia; gr. εστία-> eng. hearth / fireside / home)

Three Bedroom Suite with Sea View and Fully Equipped Kitchen on the second floor

Hestia was the virgin goddess of the hearth, home and family. She was the eldest daughter of the Titans Rhea and Cronus, as well as sister to Zeus. Her duty was to maintain the sacrificial flame of both Mount Olympus and private Greek homes. As the goddess of the family hearth she also presided over the cooking of bread and the preparation of the family meal. Cozy Estia Suite ideally fits in the conception of domesticity. It fully caters for the needs of both family and group accommodation. At the same time it secures the privacy by offering 3 separate bedrooms and gives the opportunity of comfortable spending common time while cooking, eating or relaxing on the balcony.



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